Long Distance Medical Transportation

When most people think about medical transport services, the first thing to come to mind is calling 911 for an ambulance. There is no doubt that the development of the 911 system has saved countless lives, but who do you call when you need a non-emergency transport? Because of the advancements in medicine, people are living longer but often need more specialized care as they get older, even if they are generally healthy. Transportation can offer a significant benefit to many people, and as such should be an important component of every care plan.


Long-Distance Transport

Although many people don’t think about it there is often a need to transport a patient long distances, and in a large percentage of these cases transportation via car would be impossible. Patients who become ill or injured far from their home are a good example. If someone becomes injured in a vehicle collision and is ready to be discharged from a hospital into a rehabilitation facility, it is usually best for them and their family if the rehabilitation facility is near their home. If this person is in a wheelchair, requires medication, or just requires monitoring, transportation via car could potentially be dangerous. Instead, facilities will contact a non-emergency medical transportation company to transport this patient from the hospital to the rehabilitation facility, even if it is quite far away.

This is also often used to transport a patient from a facility that treated them on an emergency basis to a facility that is covered by their insurance once the emergency has been stabilized. This helps to ensure that people are able to pay for their medical care, and that the highest level of care available is received. This can also be used to transport military personnel between VA facilities, which again ensures that they receive the best care possible.


Another good example of long distance transport is fixed wing transport provided by some air medical companies. Air transport companies are generally staffed by advanced life support providers, which enables the same type of transport over longer distances. This is especially important for patients that are more severely ill and could not cope with an extended transport via air ambulance or transport van.

This service is often used to transport critical patients from remote facilities to larger facilities that are able to handle the issue at hand, which is a life saving service. For example, if a baby is born in a remote hospital without a neonatal intensive care unit transportation to a hospital with specialized neonatal services can be the difference between life and death for that child. Lastly, this service can also be used to transfer a patient requiring a great deal of monitoring to a specialized rehabilitation or nursing facility even if it’s very far away.

If you have someone in your family who is in need of help when they are getting around, someone who needs to have someone watching over them while they are transported from place to place, it is important for you to find the best medical transport option for that individual. You need to find help for your loved one that will allow them to travel in a safe way. It is important for you to locate those who will give your family member the care that they need and who will do that in a way that is affordable in regard to cost.

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