Non-Emergency Ambulance Transport

A sizeable portion of the population requires some sort of medical assistance. Whether this is a neonate requiring an incubator, a young child requiring a wheelchair, an adult requiring intravenous medication, or an elderly person on a ventilator, transportation for these individuals presents some specific challenges. Although these conditions are often stable and may not require constant monitoring by medical personnel, not having access to medication, monitoring equipment, or support equipment even for a short period of time can be fatal.


As a result of this, many companies have begun to offer non-emergency medical ambulance transportation with Advanced Life Support personnel (nurses or paramedics) on board. By utilizing this service, even patients requiring very complicated monitoring and interventions are able to be transferred to more appropriate care facilities, be taken for testing or doctor’s appointments, or even be directly admitted to the hospital without any decrease in the level of care that they receive. Making these patient care providers available on a non-emergency basis has increased the quality of care that people receive on a regular basis, and has had a huge positive impact all over the country.

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